Bingo boom is sign of the times so the Sun’s in the game too

What to make of the betting/bingo/lottery boom? Betting ads from the bookies are, rightly, under scrutiny for being slipped under the acquisitive noses of kids, armed and ready with their smartphones.

Actually they should be scrutinised period.

But bingo and lottery pitches are also all over the place, infesting daytime TV in particular. Obviously they’re partly the result of the impact made by the National Lottery in the UK and other national lotteries offering even bigger prizes. The National Lottery was kind of OK as the money went to “good causes,” once operator Camelot had taken its considerable cut, and the spectacularly successful British Olympics team in 2012 was largely funded by Lottery money.

Some of the new ones also do the good causes bit but really the attraction is winning something. Which many of us like to do, of course. But maybe it’s also something to do with low or no growth in UK wages and the number of people on zero hours contracts. If you can’t accumulate at work you’ll try something, anything different.

The Sun, of course, is in the game with Sun Bingo and house agency The&Partnership has been wheeled to refresh its offer. With one Jayde Adams, a comedian.

Interestingly there’s also a two minute version, which delves into irony.

Not bad, like the horse.

Hardly Jeremy Irons for Croft Original.

By Ridley Scott for CDP but doubt we’ll ever see anything like this again. Unless someone can persuade Jacob Rees-Mogg to make a PPB.

So: T&P’s effort for Sun Bingo.

MAA creative scale: (short) 5, (long-form) 7.

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