Will Voxi’s ‘endless connections’ connect with yoof?

Voxi is Vodafone’s new ‘yoof’ brand, sensible enough I suppose as Vodafone seems trapped in its middle-aged, corporate image despite hundreds of millions of ad expenditure trying to tell us it’s not.

So here’s Ogilvy getting down with the kids, plugging Voxi’s ‘Endless Connections.’ The aforementioned kids (according to ad agencies anyway) seem even more obsessed with data than adland’s notorious ‘math men.’

But do younger people really respond to what we might see as an update of Tiswas or one of those other kids’ shows that throw cream pies about?

If I was 18 I’d be rather offended.

MAA Creative scale: 2.

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  1. Utter nonsense. Looks like something W1A’s Siobhan Sharp and her mates might have dreamed up.

  2. It strikes me as a brilliant idea but badly executed at the time of launch went into a number of Vodafone stores the staff didn’t seem to understand what the product was I asked a number of them who attended training courses about the upcoming product and who did not even understand the basics such as who can have it how it’s payed for is it a contract is it a pay as you go. The website is not much help web chat is available for some help but the operators who answered the web chats are also ill trained and ill-informed you can’t set up payment properly the list would go on all I can say is???????