Which is the dog’s dinner – Pets At Home or Vodafone?

What’s Vodafone got to do with Pets At Home?

Nothing, obviously, except they’re both trying to communicate with us.

So here’s WPP’s ‘Team Red’ for Vodafone, saying hello to the world. With the help of the mighty RSA.

Followed by “celebrity farmer” (what?) Jimmy Doherty for Pets At Home, courtesy of Krow. Jimmy is deconstructing a cheap pet food brand.

More differences: the Vodafone campaign tells us exactly nothing – expensively.

Celeb farmer Doherty makes Pets’ point effectively and economically.

MAA creative scales:

Vodafone: 3.

Pets At Home: 7.

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  1. I think maybe you completely switched off to to the message that the world is changing in the Vodafone advert (even though it is being sung to you). I quite like it. Also note that there was a pet tracker in the advert so there is actually a strong synergy between the two adverts.

    The pets at home advert is very non-specific. “Cereal” what type? Meat, vegetable and animal “derivatives” what’s a derivative? Then we have small print, the scourge of the marketeer wishing to mislead the unsuspecting public. “Various” sugars & minerals. In hindsight I’m surprised the ASA allowed this to be honest.

    The point that the Pets at home advert tells you not everything your dog eats is “Chicken Dinner” probably comes across, but to the discerning pedant like myself, it’s borderline Chewbacca theory in how it’s been constructed.

    The Vodafone advert is engaging and powerful. Perhaps because I’m a believer in their message that technology is rapidly changing I feel it more. Maybe (and I mean no offence) you’re a bit of a luddite with whom dog food resonates more?

  2. Oh and since I’ being pedantic, he’s “reconstructing” a cheap pet food rather than “deconstructing” … he doesn’t quite say how his liquid mush turns into crunch chunks however.

  3. Did think about that. You’re right of course but his intention is to…