Now MoneySuperMarket offers Masters of the Universe

There’s no doubt which campaign would win the Extra Cheese award of the past decade – Mother’s for MoneySuperMarket (although Gio Compario for rival Gocompare might run it close).

Mother’s last iteration had chaps in hot pants – which led to a touch of controversy so that had maybe run its course. This time it’s exhumed some comic strip film types: Skeletor and He-Man, both Masters of the Universe.

Not my favourite campaign from Mother but it does its job fearsomely well.

MAA creative scale: 7.

This is an updated version of an earlier story.

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  1. “(although Gio Compario for rival Comparethemarket might run it close)”

    Isn’t Gio the mascot for GoCompare… you’re confusing the brands here!

  2. Whoops will change