New Range Rover Velar from Spark44 lights up the forest


Everyone seems to want a Range Rover these days and now there’s a new one, the Velar (if you’ve got around £60,000 to spare). It sits between the smaller Evoque and the Range Rover Sport (a bizarre notion but everyone seems..).

Agency Spark44 (it’s jointly owned by Jaguar Land Rover) has produced a number of big budget epics for the Tata-owned firm (most notably Tom Hiddleston and co. for Jaguar). This time it’s placed its bet on director Chris Palmer of Gorgeous (one of the two founding creativos at Simons Palmer along with Mark Denton).

Most car ads are “running footage” of one sort or another but “Night Sounds” does what it says on the tin.

Shame they had to include the pack shot at the end. But a tour de force from Palmer. Should be a contender for a craft award or three.

Probably the best from Spark44 to date.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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