Conor Brady of Critical Mass: best ads of 2016

Best ads of 2016

Air Max 2017

It’s rare that advertising transcends the product it’s selling, but that is the case here. The piece is mesmerizing and becomes almost like a piece of art. All at the same time as communicating what it would feel like to wear the new AirMax. The craft here is incredible, it’s top of the game. Supplemented with the audio design, it’s a perfect piece.

John Lewis Christmas Ad
Growing up in Northern Ireland one of the Christmas institutions was the John Lewis Christmas ad. Now living in the US I continue to look for them. To be honest they haven’t always resonated, but this year’s did. A simple story told well and executed brilliantly. I love the fact that a brand continues to invest in a moment and create a stage for directors to deliver beautiful work

Glad To Give (Anthem Film)
We have been working around this idea for a while and I think this piece has captured it really well. It’s a basic human insight that the brand was not giving themselves credit for that needed to be told.

critical-massConor Brady is CCO of experience design agency Critical Mass.


  1. The are allowed to choose one George if they pick three. But it’s instructive all the same.

    Kenzo World by Spike Jonze is doing well. What do you think of it?

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