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Best ads of 2016: TalkTalk from CHI and two crackers from Mother win October

It’s amazing that ISP TalkTalk is still with us, given some of its past disasters (mostly self inflicted). CEO Dido Harding is still talking the talk though, succeeding in annoying BT’s Gavin Patterson no end with her (mostly justified) criticisms of its Openreach network.

Can TalkTalk walk the walk though? According to this campaign from CHI it can: TalkTalk is “for everyone.”

TalkTalk is the Sun (also a CHI client) of the ISP world and the agency has captured that.

Mother is a strange outfit, hiding from the world, it seems, in its Shoreditch fastness.

A while back former Lowe boss Michael Wall joined as a partner but the affable and capable Wall hasn’t been heard of since. Have they locked him in a (Mother) broom cupboard?

Wall’s remit includes Mother New York and the agency produced this high wire act for the Diamond Producers Association. Could have cloyed but didn’t.

Mother’s ‘Wonderful Everyday’ campaign for IKEA is indeed wonderful and this new one featuring a son lighting his mum’s way home from work is right up there. A while back one of the agency’s rivals said its lovely ‘Bed’ commercial featuring lines from The Tempest made him want to cry. This from the agency that also produces MoneySuperMarket.

The latest IKEA ad owes something to the excellent one the agency produced for Boots at Christmas a couple of years ago but it’s still great.

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