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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: brands get ready to pitch media in 2017

On this week’s #MediaSnack Tom and David look at new research suggesting that half of US advertisers are not engaging with their media agency over the findings of the ANA’s Media Transparency report.

Nearly five months since the report was published, consultants are still finding advertisers who have yet speak to their agency about its conclusions.

Tom and David say they have experienced a wide range of reactions ranging from immediate action to those who are seemly unaware or unconcerned by the ANA’s report.

They argue that the correct response is to look at current circumstances and work to establish the level of protection or exposure they face in the areas of “non-transparent practices” detailed by the ANA.

The next step is to make plans to correct or improve the contract before taking action to implement a contract that wholly protects your interests across the global media landscape.

Some advertisers electing to review their contracts as part of a larger tendering process, consider that their scope of work for an agency, their preferred payment model, their media mix and how their resource needs may have all changed in the three or four years since they last pitched.

Tom and David anticipate a busy 2017 pitch market as many advertisers now have clear plans for their future media agency needs.

Finally, Tom and David discuss the state of media training at many brands and announce plans for an invite-only event for marketers ID Comms is hosting in London in a couple of weeks to discuss the role of the Chief Media Officer.

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