Jeep from Iris looks like one of the Super Bowl winners

The Super Bowl’s done and dusted but the ad wars will linger on, with claim and counter claim as to which did well and which didn’t. We’ll cover this intelligence (if such it be) as and when but here’s a pretty fair selection courtesy of the Guardian (feel free to ignore the trying-very-hard-to-be-funny commentary).

Here’s one from Jeep and agency Iris that didn’t surface before the Bowl, of the ‘heroic’ school of advertising that may be a bit over the top but comes as a welcome change from all those celeb-packed comic efforts. It topped Adweek’s top five.

Probably a good call in US election year when there’s even more flag waving than usual.

Doesn’t look like a vintage Super Bowl for ads though.


Here’s Michelob Ultra from FCB Chicago, which may win the beer brand plaudits.

Does it all in thirty seconds too.

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  1. I have been lucky to write a few ads for Jeep. “Lucky” because it is such (as much as I hate the word) an iconic brand.

    The Jeep brand identity has survived though many agency changes and, more importantly, several ownership changes. How many other automobile brands can boast that level of strength?

    Pretty bloody amazing I reckon.

    PS: I like the TVC too.

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