T&P launches social media ‘influencers’ agency

Johnny Hornby’s The&Partnership is a veritable box of tricks and it’s just announced a new one, The&Collective, a talent agency partnering brands with so-called ‘influencers’ on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The&Collective says it will draw on cross-discipline insights from across the media, marketing and advertising group, offering new avenues for brands to grow advocacy and promote their products credibly. The new agency has signed Unilever among its first clients.

The&Collective claims it will be the only end-to-end service agency in the industry, from scouting and managing talent through to working with brands on the final output of their campaigns – setting it apart from existing talent agencies, which represent up-and-coming YouTubers but not brands.

The&Partnership founder Johnny Hornby says: “There are agents and there are traditional talent management companies out there, but I can’t see anyone else doing this. Jenny and her team are already signing up an unfair share of the influencer talent, and the brands we’re working with across The&Partnership can see the scale of reach and engagement offered by digital influencers who are already admired and trusted by thousands of followers.”

The&Collective’s roster includes Maddie Bruce, Lucy Flight, Blake Steven, Charlotte Hole, Sarah Ashcroft, Tia Ward and Jodie Porteous. They’ll be paid commission based on the sales they generate.

imagesJenny Halpern Prince (left), founder of PR agency Halpern who will head The&Collective, says: “It’s no secret (that) the world is shifting to social media. Consequently there has been an increase in brands wanting to invest in influencer marketing; they are realising that digital influencers can reach and influence millions of engaged followers.

“The&Collective is more than matching digital influencers with brands, though. We will use our creative and brand storytelling expertise to help craft the ideas. Unlike a traditional ‘talent management’ operation, we are not a middle man, we are the catalyst for creative brand communications.”

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