JWT’s ITV 60th survey: people like ads more than ever

JWT has entered the lists of people mulling over 60 years of ITV and its mighty engine advertising – and has produced some rather startling ‘findings.’

Just over 1000 18+ adults were surveyed in September last year by JWT Intelligence and this is what they found.

*Consumers think TV ads are better (and more creative) now than in the past
*More than half of consumers think TV ads are more creative, entertaining, funny, sophisticated and high quality than in the past.
*70 per cent of them think they are more creative.

*Consumers think 2010s are the best decade ever for TV advertising
*Overall more people (25 per cent) think this decade is the golden age of advertising. This is driven strongly by millennials: 36 per cent of 18 – 34s said this.
*The 70’s came in second with 20 per cent
(not too many millennials presumably)..

*Consumers think the introduction of the internet is one of the main reasons why TV ads are better now than in the past

*However, the industry still has work to do on TV ads being perceived as sexist or stereotyped. A quarter of people (24 per cent) still think TV ads are more sexist than in the past while 33 per cent of people think they are more stereotyped.

Out of 20 shortlisted ads consumers named Gocompare’s Gio Comaprio campaign as the one they most loved to hate.

Here’s the full list:

1. “Gio Compario Opera Singer”

(not sure which one this is – here’s a collection, if you must)

2. Moneysupermarket “#EpicStrut”
3. Cillit Bang “Bang and the Dirt is Gone! with Barry Scott”
4. Muller Yogurt “Muller Corner with Nicole Scherzinger ”
5. “Queen of Bingo with Barbara Windsor”
6. Shake & Vac “Do the Shake & Vac”
7. Chicken Tonight “I Feel Like Chicken Tonight”
8. “Puppets”
9. Dolmio “Italian Family Puppets”
10. Halifax “ISA ISA Baby”

11. AXA SunLife “Life Insurance Plan with Sir Michael Parkinson”
12. T-mobile “Dance Flash Mob”
13. Iceland “With Kerry Katona and Jason Donovan”
14. Bodyform “Shape for You”
15. Daz “Doorstep Challenge”
16. Glade “Poo at Paul’s”

17. “Dancing Newscaster”
18. Gillette “Roger Federer, Thierry Henry, and Tiger Woods in The Best a Man Can Get”
19. DFS “Nickelback Rockstar”
20. Vauxhall Zafira “Little Dads”

No intelligence on the ads people liked most alas. Cadbury’s ‘Gorilla’ from Fallon seems to be top in most places.

Anyway – millennials like TV ads shock. Maybe there’s still hope for the old medium (although we suspect they’re mixing up online and paid-for TV some of the time).

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