AMV goes back to Moon River for Galaxy Duet launch

Mars’ Galaxy is launching Duet chocs so agency AMV/BBDO has signed up hot new talents (it says here) Chanelle McGuinness and Bxnjamin (Bxnjamin, I ask you) to do their version of Moon River, which made its debut on the X Factor on Sunday.

There isn’t very much of it but Mars is clearly hoping that it becomes a hit, spending just £1.5m on the TV campaign and some £10m or so more on, among other things, ensuring the tune takes off. Galaxy is a £216m brand in the UK.

A couple of years ago Mars appropriated Moon River for Galaxy with a rather bigger budget TV campaign featuring a Framestore’d Audrey Hpeburn.

Senior Brand Manager Christopher Weber says: “Since the now iconic Galaxy advert starring Audrey Hepburn and featuring the smooth tunes of Moon River first landed on our TV screens in 2013, the tune has really grown to become a part of the Galaxy brand.

Galaxy Duet provides consumers with the chance to create their own perfect harmony when it comes to indulging in their favourite chocolate, so we’re excited to bring this to life through the two very unique voices of Chanele and Bxnjamin, but in a way that stays true to the Galaxy brand.”

In its release Mars/Galaxy describes Chanelle as ‘captivating.’ No such soubriquet for rapper Bxnjamin. Tsk, tesk, if she was a lawyer she’d ‘ave you. Anyway, she sounds nice.

Difficult to judge these things, especially as the film is so short. No doubt there’ll be a longer one some time. But it all sounds cleverly multi-layered, as is the case with many AMV campaigns.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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