Embarrassing turn from Malcolm McDowell as spokesman for ‘Lunchables Upload’

British actor Malcolm McDowell was known for a lot of things, most notably appearances in ground-breaking films A Clockwork Orange and If, and a less assured appearance as the anti-hero in the only Flashman film to be made.

Times passes however and here’s the old boy fronting up as the spokesman for Lunchables Upload, the online video stream for the Kraft-owned snack in a campaign from Mcgarrybowen in the US.

She’s not bad.

MAA creative scale: think we’ll draw a veil over this one, veteran actors need to make a living….

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One comment

  1. Still more embarrassing is the public’s/directorial and producers’ coven’s refusal to step up and embrace MM as the living genius he is. Where is Quentin Tarentino when you need him?

    Further, you do not see MM making JACK AND JILL, ten sequels to Stiller crapola or pretty well every Keitel film since the 70s.

    Hos gotta eat.