Former DDB boss Craigen takes driving seat at Innocean

person_20140903213859It was only a matter of time before Jeremy Craigen (left), recently defenestrated as DDB’s creative supremo on VW, got back behind the wheel and now he has – as CCO of Hyundai’s in-house agency Innocean Worldwide.

Craigen says “My remit is simple. Make the work better, grow the business. What I love about Innocean is their honesty about themselves and their ambition for the future. It is a great company, headed by great people. And this is exactly the opportunity I have been waiting for.”

Innocean has produced some decent work in its time, particularly in the US. Car companies like the idea of in-house agencies. Jaguar uses Spark44 although that’s technically an independent agency.

Craigen landing at Innocean will be a relief for many at DDB. His departure, due to machinations at the network in Germany it seems, caused bad feeling in London. The last thing DDB-ites here wanted was him going to a rival agency hunting a big car account.

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