Always goes down Mexico way for another winner

Thanks to George Parker for this, a new turn in Procter & Gamble’s award-winning Always campaign from Leo Burnett, this time in Mexico.

Apparently some indigenous Mexicans don’t have words for bits of delicate female engineering, which makes diagnosing cervical cancer nigh on impossible. So Always and the agency came up with some.

‘Creativity for Good’ indeed. A Cannes winner too, it seems. MAA creative scale: 9.

Proof also, of course, that George does have a heart. But you knew that really..

One Comment

  1. Just to prove my heart is as flinty as ever… Although I love this campaign. Obviously, it should not have won a Lion… It’s in bloody Spanish. Don’t these foreign chaps know anything about awards shows?
    Cheers/George “AdScam Parker

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