Departing Lowe CEO Michael Wall joins Mother

Unknown-9Michael Wall (left), who was last reported as preparing ‘the roadmap’ for the merger of Interpublic’s Lowe (where he was global CEO) and Mullen, has found time to find a new job too: global CEO at London-based micro-network Mother.

Mother has offices in London, Buenos Aires and New York which will report to Wall who will also be charged with opening elsewhere.

Wall says: “Our shared ambition is to make sure Mother continues to lead the creative frontline and we accelerate our growth and impact in the markets we are in, as well as those we are eyeing up. And have some fun along the way.”

Fun indeed. Wall’s main task will be to share the reins at Mother with founder Robert Savile, who maintains something of an iron grip at the agency. Savile says: “Mother has needed Michael’s skills in business leadership for a while. “We have been chasing him for years. He’s not an easy man to catch. He wasn’t an easy man to beat, either, as Mother and Fallon faced up against each other over the years.”

Wall was a co-founder of Fallon in 1998 and there when the agency produced big award winners for Sony and Cadbury.

Mother is an interesting outfit; it has sustained its creative performance over the years and also managed to make money, despite the expense of opening in New York. Wall is joining as an equity partner, presumably with a brief to make more of it.

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