Ogilvy Paris steps up Coke 100th marketing blitz

Ogilvy Paris is going to town for Coca-Cola’s 100th birthday celebrations of its icooic curvy bottle and it’s enlisted ‘surrealist’ artist David LaChapelle for some teaser ads as the global campaign gathers pace. Wieden+Kennedy Portland is also supposed to be playing its part.

Coke being Coke, it’s thinking big with Ogilvy print executions ‘Love’:

And ‘Peace’:

And a film to go with them.

A Coke bottle standing for love and peace might seem a bit daft but it’s consistent with the brand message Coke’s been plugging for decades, ever since it announced it wanted to to ‘teach the world to sing.’

MAA creative scale: we’ll reserve judgement for now. But it’ll be fun to see what comes up next.

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