Mad Men: how the Americans see off the Brits

British agencies have made many attempts to invade the glistering shores of Manhattan and all have failed, to a greater or lesser degree.

Yes, BBH has a functioning office there, as does Mother.

But the Yanks (as they were in the War of Independence) are experts at repelling boarders.

Saatchi & Saatchi came unstuck when Charlie decided to pay $500m for Ted Bates, an agency with its best years behind it. Boss Bob Jacoby trousered most of the money.

Here’s the ineffable Roger Sterling of Mad Men seeing off his British shareholder.

Rog is so odious – why do we like him so much?


  1. Oh… Hello… Fucking hello… Did you ever hear of someone by the name of David Ogilvy? Stephen, who wrote this piece of shit??? Back of the bike shed time.

  2. Quite so George and remiss of me not to mention the great man. But have there been any since?

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