’24 Hours of Happy’ is Cannes creative highlight

Cannes 2014: You’ve probably had enough Cannes by now (if you’re an England football supporter you’ve probably had enough of life – what is Luis Suarez on?) but we ought to note, belatedly, the achievement of Pharrell Williams’ ’24 Hours of Happy’ which won a Cyber Grand Prix in the craft and web category.

Cyber dished out three GPs this year, which seems a bit excessive. Volvo’s ‘Epic Splits’ or ‘Live Test Series’ (take your pick) won in social and Chipotle in branded games and tech.

But the Williams effort, directed by We Are From LA and produced by Iconoclast, Paris, really is something special – a film that makes millions of people feel happier about themselves and their world. I watched a version last night featuring some of the kids at my wife’s school. These kids all have autism in some measure. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Here’s the record video, which gives some idea.

But you really have to go to the website (unfortunately we can’t show all 24 hours of it here).

Here’s how they did it.

Congratulations, by the way, To Tribal Worldwide’s Simon Poett who chose it as one of his Desert Island Ads recently. Simon described it thus: “Interactivity, experience, music all as one – perfect.” And he was absolutely right.

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