Tribal Worldwide creative director Simon Poett picks his Desert Island Ads

unnamed-3Simon Poett is executive creative director, Tribal Worldwide, London. He describes himself as a conceptual thinker and craftsman driven by a desire to understand human behaviour and emotion. Throughout his career he has consistently delivered high impact interactive projects for Speedo, adidas, Powerade, Coke, CNN and Manchester United. Whilst at iris worldwide, he led and grew the digital team from a modest five to a veritable army of 80. A champion of digital integration and collaboration, he strongly believes in harnessing intelligent insight, emotional impact and brilliant execution to improve people’s lives.



My Ten Favourite Ads

I don’t love ads per se, but I do love how some of them make me feel.

These are a straightforward series of choices based on memory that take me back to how things made me feel when I first saw them.

I don’t always recollect the brand or the product but I do remember the feeling and the vision.

Looking back these are all representations of their time – homages to a different time and place for brands and the medium. I’ve tried to balance the old with the new, TV through to an app intro, an album launch, online content and interactive experiences.

They’re all ads, just not restricted to 15 seconds, 30 seconds or a standard format.

Wrangler -‘Follow the yellow brick road’

Why – I’ll never forget this, a story in a minute that incorporates beauty, horror and strangeness.


Barclays – Bull’

Why – Samuel Jackson’s delivery is great. But it’s the bull and the hard cut on the bull that are brilliant.


Barclays -‘Big’

Why – This could be viewed as crass, inappropriate, vulgar etc. It would never happen now, but the delivery is class. And the echo on ‘Apple!’ just fantastic.


Nike -‘Total 90 Laser’

Why – This is brilliant because it’s real, not a Marvel-esque take on football. Just the skill – nothing more.


MTV – MTV2 Idents

Why – Surreal, even slightly unsettling to me. But perfect, summing up a specific time.


STUDIO CANAL – Identity (Video)
Why – I love indents. This perfectly builds the possibility and anticipation of what may follow, magical.


Bjork -‘Biophilia’ (App intro)

Why – ‘We are on the brink of a revolution that will reunite humans with nature through new technological innovations. Until we get there, prepare, explore – Biophilia’ (Narrated by David Attenborough). I’m in.


NYC Ballet -‘New Beginnings’ (Online Video)

Why – I love New York City. This piece has a moving back story that’s definitely worth reading. It says everything you feel about what happened on September 11, 2001.


Beyonce -‘Visual Album Teaser’ (Online Video)

Why – I watch this and I want it. The best campaign-like behaviour for a product last year.


Pharrell Williams -’24 hours of happy’ (Online Video)

Why – Interactivity, experience, music all as one. Perfect. (Full version, Simon’s actual choice, is here).

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