King James produces sure-fire award winner for Bell’s

My thanks to George Parker for this one (what a model of taste and discernment he is).

Cape Town agency King James has produced a charming, moving, life-enhancing ad for Bell’s, ‘The Reader,’ featuring a father who learns to read (partly) because his son has written a book.

Isn’t it odd that those products you’re not allowed to say much about prompt the best ads? Booze obviously and, back in the day, tobacco.

But this is bloody brilliant story-telling and deserves to pick up bucketloads of awards.


Here’s the ‘making of’ film, which isn’t that notable (it’s not a fancy film just a very good one). But the clients, mostly black, are wonderful. There’s a truth there: nice clients produce great ads.


  1. @Stephen…
    Now and again, increasingly rarely these days, I come across work like this and for a few minutes I am happy to be in the world’s second oldest profession. However, as I say, these gems are becoming what David Ogilvy would refer to as Trumpeter Swans.

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