AMV pulls off crowd-sourcing Christmas triumph for Sainsbury – and we never thought we’d write that

OK, here’s the Sainsbury Christmas ad that we referred to this morning.

It seems to be a cut from a documentary Sainsbury has commissioned showing how ‘real people’ celebrate Christmas. This is due to be aired on November 29, directed by Last King of Scotland director Kevin MacDonald.

Hence the so-called ‘crowd-sourcing,’ about which we were rather dismissive.

Anyway, we still think crowd-sourcing is pants, but this is a rather good ad.

So does Sainsbury clearly, as it’s booked the whole middle break in Coronation Street this Wednesday which must cost a bloody fortune.

Jolly good anyway. One of Ridley Scott’s various companies did the producing and AMV/BBDO did the agency bit.

You never get fired for hiring AMV/BBDO…

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