Now Louis Vuitton finds itself in another ad storm – over a film made by somebody else

This is all getting very confusing: first we have JWT India producing a campaign for Ford which causes all sorts of mayhem but which Ford didn’t know about (or now says it didn’t know about) and now the UK’s Love Magazine, wich seems to be an online feast for fashionistas, has produced a controversial online film for (or about) Louis Vuitton which that company says it didn’t know about either (even though top designer Marc Jacobs is in it).

Still with us? Didn’t think so.

Can’t these people produce their own ads?

Anyway the film, directed by James Lima, intercuts bits from LV’s recent catwalk show with dirty dark shots of faux French tarts, leading to a predictable outcry from women’s rights groups and the ever-eager media. Clara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger are in there somewhere (luckily father Mick wasn’t lurking in the shadows).

Don’t really know what they’re getting worked up about: it’s fashion innit? Truly a world of its own.

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