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Surely it’s time to curb the TV gambling bonanza?

Anyone casting an idle glance at British commercial television (especially Sky) might come to the conclusion that the UK has morphed into a nation of gambling fiends and new findings from broadcast regulator Ofcom confirm it. Since the betting market ...

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George Parker: how I worked my Agency Fireman miracle for Old Spice

In spite of my innate modesty, I can claim that during my tenure as Dorland’s “Agency Fireman,” I did pull off the odd miracle or two. The “Saving of Old Spice” was one of the more memorable. Even though Old ...

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W+K enters yellow ribbon territory for Chrysler

Gulp, it’s Wieden+Kennedy grabbing the US nation firmly by the tear ducts for Chrysler again. We’ve had Eminem’s ode to Detroit and Clint Eastwood’s ‘Halftime in America’ in the last two years and this year’s Chrysler Super Bowl epic features ...

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