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Wieden+Kennedy is still on the Oreo case – this time with new ‘life raft’ commercial

Wieden+Kennedy Portland isn’t supposed to be Mondelez-owned Oreo’s ad agency (that’s officially shared between DraftFCB and The Martin Agency), it just keeps producing Oreo ads. Here’s the latest on the ‘Cookies and Cream’ theme. And it’s fine, a simple dramatisation ...

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Walkers ad says it’s using real food – whatever next?

All sorts of funny things happen in marketing and here’s another: food manufacturers actually putting real food in their products; just fancy that. Walkers Crisps is jumping on the post-horsemeat bandwagon with this ad from AMV/BBDO featuring our favourite Match ...

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Nivea strikes a sinister note for Stress Test

Here’s a strange one: Nivea Stress Protect can keep you dry and fragrant even though half the world is looking for you and at you and the cops are on the way. Who’s it aimed at? Terrorists? And is it ...

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Deutsch LA goes for brutal simplicity in new VW ad

“Keep it simple, stupid” has always been wise advice (emanating from the US Navy no less, as a design principle in 1960) and it’s equally true of advertising as ships and planes. Deutsch LA has clearly taken this to heart ...

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Jung von Matt puts on the frighteners for Herbaria

Some herbal teas are probably pretty scary – nettle and bluebottle anyone? – but happening German agency Jung von Matt/Neckar has taken things more than a few steps further with this new ad for Hungarian herbal tea brand Herbaria. Drown ...

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Budweiser and Anomaly’s Super Bowl horse opera

What the fuck have Clydesdale horses got to do with Budweiser, a rather ersatz beer? I suppose they used to drag the beer carts around and now seem to appear in Bud processions. Anyway the noble shire horses are enlisted ...

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