Vauxhall’s new Adam goes way over the top with pitch to ‘amazing’ and ‘unique’ car buyers

This is Vauxhall’s launch ad for the new Adam, a nifty-looking small car that’s majoring on the many ways movers and shakers can tailor it to their requirements (the way the car market’s going).

And, in many ways, it’s a decent film for a car that seems to be making an impact.

But it does rather raise the question: is social media addling all our brains?

Individual choice is one thing but lines like “you are you” because you’re “unique, amazing, one of a kind” are just bollocks aren’t they? It’s like the recent Microsoft Surface stuff. Whatever happened to understatement?

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  1. Stephen,
    I could not agree with you more on this one. I still would like to be offered shades and not hit with the light straight in my eyes. It’s probably what you would say to every contestant on Britain’s got talent. It seems as if the people at Vauxhall just took the profile for Millennials and told the agency, ‘this is who you have to appeal to’.

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