Deutsch LA goes for brutal simplicity in new VW ad

“Keep it simple, stupid” has always been wise advice (emanating from the US Navy no less, as a design principle in 1960) and it’s equally true of advertising as ships and planes.

Deutsch LA has clearly taken this to heart in its campaign for VW in the US and its latest ad, for the new Volkswagen Beetle convertible, makes a simple a point about the new car in compelling style (a slightly sinister one given today’s news about the shoot-out in the California mountains but they weren’t to know that).

It might make useful viewing for GM’s new Commonwealth agency, which seems to be trying to say all things to all people in its work for Chevrolet.

The copywriter was Matt Sherman and the art director Paul Oberlin. It was directed by the happening Noam Murro for Biscuit Filmworks (with a nod to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks).

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