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Cut-price PHD wins back Sainsbury’s media – official

Sainsbury’s has confirmed what everyone knew: viz, that it’s keeping its media account at Omnicom’s PHD which is also set to pick up Argos (which Sainsbury’s now owns) from WPP’s Mindshare. Small earthquake in the supermarket, not many dead then? ...

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Sainsbury’s subs squishing for dancing in new summer effort

Sainsbury’s and Wieden+Kennedy seem to have abandoned ‘food dancing’ – for now anyway, it’s a bit hot for that in summer. Instead we’re offered ‘table squish’ with lots of Sainsbury’s food goodies for outdoor eating. Nicely done but real life ...

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All-at-sea Sainsbury’s reverses out of T&P’s m/Six into PHD

Campaign’s Gideon Spanier reckons that Sainsbury’s is reversing its decision to move its amalgamated £115m media account (Sainsbury’s and Argos) into The&Partnership’s m/Six Media and sticking with long-time incumbent PHD. The business moved to m/Six at the start of the ...

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Sainsbury’s gets down and messy for summer

Much chatter in UK adland about how exactly Sainsbury’s will follow its ‘Food Dancing’ debut campaign from Wieden+Kennedy. We’ve still got ‘Living Well,’ this time triggered by getting messy for summer. Sainsbury’s says: “Messy hands celebrates the uninhibited pleasures of ...

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CHI offers the world of Argos in 80 date-stamped ads

Can Argos give Sainsbury’s the lift to set it apart from its competitors? Sainsbury’s/Argos is certainly trying, helped by any number of ingenious wheezes from its agency CHI. The latest such is 80 “date-stamped” short ads linking various Argos products ...

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Sainsbury’s rethinks m/SIX media win

We all thought the Sainsbury’s consolidated media account worth £115m – it now owns Argus too – had gone to The&Partnership’s m/SIX media agency with Sainsbury’s moving from Omnicom’s PHD and Argos from WPP’s Mindshare. T&P is 49 per cent ...

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