Sainsbury’s changes tack in UK supermarket price wars

Britain’s supermarkets are feeling sore at the moment, smarting from what they see as the Government singling them out for price inflation when other sectors of the economy have been just as keen to pass on price rises to the poor old consumer.

But food price inflation affects everyone (although not the supermarket bosses’ salaries) and finally there are signs that it’s reducing, down from a dizzying 14.3% in July to a still pretty vertginous 11.3% in August. A poll by Which? suggests their reputation is at its lowest ebb in a decade.

Predictably they’ve been bigging up their special offers recently (Tesco has its Clubcard scheme, Sainsbury’s Nectar with even Waitrose joining the throng.) Sainsbury’s seems to be taking an alternative tack (in some of its ads anyway) with this poster, spotted in south London.

No price information per se just quite a bold statement that Sainsbury’s is doing its bit. In style it’s quite similar to New Commercial Arts’ work for Sainsbury’s Tu clothing brand, an approach that helped it win the whole account earlier this year.

Will we now see some brand-led work from new agency NCA for Sainsbury’s? After all, just saying you’re price matching Aldi is also an ad for, er, Aldi.

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