Can Sainsbury’s combine a new brand platform with Christmas?

Sainsbury’s is using its Christmas ad with Rick Astley to introduce its new brand platform – ‘Good food for all of us.’ An appropriate enough message in a cost of living crisis, even if, in the ad by new agency New Commercial Arts, it’s punting some ‘Taste the Difference’ pricier items like Beef Wellington.

So we cut from a nicely realised Sainsbury’s store set-up to Santa (rear view) and, eventually, Astley.

But it all seems rather bolted on. Astley could at least give us a tune. Asda’s, out tomorrow, similar in some ways effort makes better use of Michael Bublé’s (admittedly rather greater) star appeal.

Sainsbury’s in all its guises seems rather addicted to lots of product. Gets in the way here.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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