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Paul Simons: is data grail driving WPP’s shotgun marriages?

The merging of two entities such as Wunderman and JWT is causing disruption in the industry with, like Brexit, those in support and those who think it is all madness. The long held opinion is the two cultures do not ...

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Paul Simons: here’s advertising’s future in the new model era

If we could stand back from the world and look backwards and forwards we might get a clearer perspective of what is happening in the world of advertising and marketing; to some not a particularly worthy consideration for intelligent people ...

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Paul Simons: a more modest Cannes this year – perhaps

The various comments regarding the profligacy of Cannes declining seemed far-fetched from our short car journey yesterday evening. We had taken our dogs for a run on the beach at Port Gallice, in the bay next to the large bay ...

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