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Krow delivers a Labour swipe at not-for-turning Theresa May

Here’s a nifty little social media ad from Krow for the Labour Party. Theresa May does indeed make Mrs Thatcher look like Mother Theresa. Hang on, she was a control freak too. M&C Saatchi has the winning hand with the ...

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Can new agency Krow cut it for Labour?

At some point most independent agencies of note have a decision to make: do we take on the Labour Party? The Tories tend to cherry pick talent from the bigger networks these days although M&C Saatchi usually pops up in ...

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Why Labour’s General Election women’s campaign is not so pretty in pink

In the UK this will be the longest General Election campaign ever, thanks to the coalition government’s decision to introduce fixed five year intervals between elections. And pretty boring it’s been so far. So thanks to the Labour Party and ...

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