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Is creativity really making a comeback? MACMA from David, Habitat from NCA, Labour Party

After a few years of grinding purpose is (some) advertising becoming fun and engaging? Even on serious topics?

One such is MACMA, the Argentinian non-profit aimed at supporting women and raising awareness of breast cancer. Hardly a load of laughs obviously but this from David Beunos Aires deploys the dreaded AI to engaging effect. Good causes do better when they’re interesting.

“Together with MACMA, we always seek to create high-impact campaigns to try to escape the commonplaces of the category. This time, we wanted to take advantage of the fascination towards the potential that machines have to generate wonderful things to remind the world of the existence of a not-so-new machine but one that generates hope for millions of women around the world: the mammogram,” say CCOs Nicolás Vara and Ignacio Flotta.

There are some pretty off the wall (or should that be on the wall) posters around at the moment and the UK’s New Commercial Arts is entering the spirit of things with some diverting special builds for Sainsbury’s-owned Habitat.

Radha Davies, director of brands, planning and creative at Sainsbury’s, says: “Habitat has been championing great design for six decades and we’re excited to be launching our new brand platform, ‘love design, love habitat,’ in celebration of our 60th birthday for our biggest campaign to date. We believe that this new brand promise truly embodies our passion for making great design accessible to all and we’re proud to bring it to life for the first time to launch our anniversary collection.”

You don’t necessarily expect creativity in British political advertising – mostly it’s just yah, boo, sucks – but the Labour Party is giving it a go with Conflix, a faux UK version of Trump Social. The in-house effort lists the many not-so-triumphs of the recent gaggle of Tory prime ministers. Looking at this lot makes you quite queasy.

MAA creative scale: let’s enter into the spirit of things too: all 8.

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