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BBH makes the best of Guardian’s pricey Do Something

Forget to mention in my fulmination about the Guardian newspaper’s barmy decision to raise its price – yet again – that the ostensible reason is a new weekend supplement called, somewhat uninspiringly, Do Something. Is this about D-I-Y? Guess we’ll ...

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BBH produces global show-stopper for the Guardian

The Guardian newspaper, when it’s not being castigated by various spooks for revealing how they’re spying on us (Mrs Merkel indeed!) is trying to go global, which is brave in the extreme as it’s still losing buckets of money in ...

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Sorrell shows his cojones to support GroupM against bully critics and takes another potshot at ‘POG’

Here’s my chum Mark Sweney from the Guardian bearding WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell (left) on the alleged bullying activities of his media buying giant GroupM, recently criticised by both Richard Desmond of Channel 5 and (on its grip on TV ...

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My pick of 2012: Guardian, Samsung, Directv, Carlton…. and Grey!

“I wish I’d done it” is the subjective test for a great ad. Which of this year’s crop of TV ads makes my list? Chipotle? Not really. The Guardian’s ‘Three Little Pigs’? Maybe, but I still prefer Webster’s ‘Points of ...

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Tina Brown’s Newsweek takes the all-digital plunge

The Guardian may or may be going all-digital but Newsweek is. Famous old news weekly Newsweek was sold to Sydney Harman by the Washington Post four years ago and merged with Tina Brown’s Daily Beast online news and comment site ...

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