Guardian’s new ‘What A Weekend’ campaign from BBH takes the lifestyle approach

This isn’t very like our own dear Grauniad, sorry Guardian, with nary a protesting leftie or a good cause in sight.

But the Guardian has performed strongly recently on Saturdays despite a cover price rise to £2.30 (unless you pick one up at Waitrose as I do), claiming to have put on a million weekend sales since agency BBH began its ‘Own The Weekend’ campaign plugging it and its Sunday stablemate the Observer.

The film was shot by Simon Ratigan at HLA and the perky soundtrack was composed by BBH creative director Michael Russoff.

Russoff says: “We’ve all had weekends that never got started, that we wasted, that fizzled out before they even began. We wanted to make work that reminds people of how great a full weekend can be and the Saturday Guardian’s and Observer’s role in that.

“It’s a film that’s full of product, but not in the way you usually see it. Not presented to you neatly, but used, abused, devoured, dripped on, crumpled, fallen asleep with. The way we use our weekend papers is full of affection. We wanted to make something that reflected how close we are to them at the weekend”.

The film will run in cinemas, on YouTube and video on demand and will be supported by a wrap of the (very unGuardian-like) WH Smith at London’s Victoria Station.

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