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Have the feuding TV networks killed off Mad Men?

I used to think that the biggest threat to the fantastic ‘Mad Men’ TV series about Madison Avenue types in the all-conquering, drinking and bonking 1960’s was the onset of hippiedom (or the bourgeois version thereof). Can you imagine Sterling ...

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The troof about social media is emerging at last

If only the maximum character count were 200, 90 million Germans could finish a sentence on Twitter… already, 150 children have been given a name starting with @…. 27 per cent of Facebook server capacity is taken up storing ‘LOL’… ...

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Has Mother New York sold its soul for money in new Burger King celebs campaign?

My friend George Parker of Adscam thinks it has, “Mother needs a good spanking!” avers George in response to Mother New York’s new celebrity-laden campaign for Burger King which features, inter alia, David Beckham (wearing trousers, phew!) and, in the ...

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