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Who’d want to be Cadillac’s creative agency?

General Motors wants to make Cadillac a big global luxury car brand so it’s dumping Lowe Campbell-Ewald (and its 500 employees in Detroit) and moving to Publicis Worldwide. Because Publicis is good at luxury brands it seems, although packaging Cadillac ...

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Cadillac’s new campaign from Rogue stays in first gear

Would you choose an obnoxious American git to advertise your new car? Well you might if you were General Motors and you were trying to kick some gas into the Cadillac ELR, an expensive and rather ugly motor that does ...

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Leo Burnett saddles up for Chevy’s new Silverado – and stays on board

A recovering auto market is one of the drivers of the (relatively) renascent US economy. At the same time Americans are supposed to be switching to European-style fuel-efficient makes. Well some of them might be but most of them seem ...

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