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Fifa (who else?) scores Covid-19 own goal

World football body Fifa has rounded up a gaggle of footballers – present and past, female and male, some of whom you may have heard of – to clap for Covid-19 workers and, presumably, sufferers. A bit late in the ...

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Adidas and FIFA set a new puzzle for gamers

Adidas and EA/FIFA Sports (football’s more complex than diplomacy these days) are inviting us to “play connected” with the new GMR (‘gamer’) option which tests yours skills against the real thing (we think.) From adam&eveDDB. Timely no doubt as we ...

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Did the big money Fifa sponsors nix Sepp Blatter?

Fifa boss Sepp Blatter (left) is resigning, even as we write this, which surely testifies to the belated realisation on the part of its big money sponsors – who include Adidas, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Visa and Sony – that they can ...

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