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McCall swaps one hot seat for another at ITV

It’s hard to argue with the appointment of Carolyn McCall who’s succeeding Adam Crozier as CEO of ITV. For the past seven years McCall (below) has been running easyJet – where she’s done pretty well although easyJet is now suffering ...

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Easyjet offers up an improbable birthday romance

EasyJet is celebrating its 20th anniversary – my, how the world has changed – with a rather appealing love story/rites of passage tale from VCCP. Can you really effect all these momentous changes on a budget flight? I generally find ...

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HMV goes bust, Sue Douglas tries to buy the People, what’s Easyjet playing at?

**Long-suffering music business HMV has finally toppled into administration as suppliers have refused more credit. It’s all about downloads of course, there aren’t enough old farts (like me) hunting around for CDs. The move follows hard on the heels of ...

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