Easyjet’s new ‘generation’ campaign from VCCP has a lesson for Ryanair – and the critics

It’s safe to say that when Easyjet moved its whopper account to agency VCCP the world (this bit of it anyway) was a tad underwhelmed with its initial efforts.

Now it’s produced another campaign, and this is slightly underwhelming too.

But Easyjet, under former Guardian CEO Carolyn McCall (left), is packing in passengers like there’s no tomorrow – in stark contrast to its unloved rival Ryanair.

And you couldn’t imagine Ryanair, which hates advertising anyway, essaying a ‘Ryanair generation’ could you? It’s not a club you particularly want to be a member of even though you probably are.

VCCP is becoming the Masius (for those with a very long memory) or Allen Brady & Marsh de nos jours. Which means big.

In the summer it won Asda’s £100m account against competition from perennial retail bridesmaid JWT. Which may project it top second in the UK billings league to AMV/BBDO. Underwhelming ads – is it bovvered?

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