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LBi’s Simon Gill picks his Desert Island (Digital) Ads

Simon Gill joined digital agency LBi in 2006 as head of design for the web development team with responsibility for interaction and user experience design. He was rapidly promoted to creative director and is now executive creative director. He has ...

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Does the Guardian’s newspaper and digital strategy actually add up?

The Guardian has said it may be forced to make compulsory redundancies as its efforts to persuade journalists to leave voluntarily have failed. It was seeking up to 100 voluntary redundancies but only 30 or so people signed up. According ...

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Tina Brown’s Newsweek takes the all-digital plunge

The Guardian may or may be going all-digital but Newsweek is. Famous old news weekly Newsweek was sold to Sydney Harman by the Washington Post four years ago and merged with Tina Brown’s Daily Beast online news and comment site ...

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