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Coke tries to muscle in on the lockdown menu

How many more ‘happy lockdown’ ads (many majoring on food) will we see? Depends where you are; in the US, which seems to have ever more Covid outbreaks, we might be seeing them for a while yet. Interesting that Coca-Cola, ...

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Coke launches new flavour with a car crash

Coca-Cola doesn’t launch new flavours very often but here comes Orange Vanilla Coke, with a diverting launch ad from Wieden+Kennedy HQ. Featuring a car crash. Is Coke hedging its bets on OVC? Pleasingly bonkers. And another ad that sends up ...

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What’s WhoreNickels doing for Coke Zero?

It’s turning into one of those mornings. We’ve had Apple’s Appocalypse, about which one’s feelings are mixed. Now reader Craig Mills sends me this bizarre outing, presumably on behalf of Coke Zero’s marketing budget, featuring one WhoreNickels (left) whose bizarre ...

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Coke showers more goodies on the world in epic Copa Coca-Cola campaign

Big brands lavishing goodies on the world seem to be the flavour of the times. Can you recall when they tries to sell us stuff? Maybe it’s because, unlike most countries, they aren’t running stonking great deficits so they can ...

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Coke bigs up iconic status with half-size cans

Just back from a fleeting visit to New York, where Coca-Cola is an absolute obsession; it’s almost as ubiquitous as Starbucks (but that’s ‘cos Starbucks has grabbed all the best sites and turned them into scruffy branches) and there doesn’t ...

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Coke spreads ‘Open Happiness’ with new campaign from Ogilvy Brazil

Coke’s ‘Open Happiness’ appears to be a campaign with legs; because it’s making the world a better place of course (that’s the idea anyway). Here’s the latest, ‘Lets’ Go Crazy,’ from Ogilvy Brazil, featuring Supertramp’s Give A Little Bit. Do ...

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