Coke showers more goodies on the world in epic Copa Coca-Cola campaign

Big brands lavishing goodies on the world seem to be the flavour of the times. Can you recall when they tries to sell us stuff?

Maybe it’s because, unlike most countries, they aren’t running stonking great deficits so they can afford this munificence. Brands really are taking over the world.

Coca-Cola is currently running Copa Coca-Cola featuring teenagers from 60 countries bringing their own particular skills into play.

Here are three of them in the campaign from Ogilvy Sydney.

In all there are ten spots, all directed by Marc Raymond Wilkins (he wasn’t named after Ray Wilkins was he?) for Papaya Films. Bet he was thoroughly fed up with teenagers by the time he’d finished.

MAA creative scale: 7.

I read the other day that Coke is also inviting ten or so of its roster agencies to come up with a new campaign to replace ‘Open Happiness.’ What will this be? World Peace? Or perhaps a free holiday for every customer? One’s mind is preparing to be boggled.

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