Creative Circle awards go AWOL, OgilvyOne and BA, Tribal DDB, Saatchi Denmark’s ‘Pablo’ magic for Coke

Unknown-4***London’s Creative Circle (a collection of old creative hands) had its awards do on Thursday but doesn’t seem to have shared the information about winners with anyone else – which is a bit of a shame as by the following morning everyone who attended had probably forgotten what happened.

But OgilvyOne in London seems to have had a good evening, winning lots of prizes for British Airways, especially the digital poster with a child pointing at the sky. and Crimestoppers.

Which is a touch ironic as OgilvyOne got dumped by BA the other week.

Do clients care about awards? Clearly not in this case.

The main BA ad account is still being reviewed between long-suffering agency BBH and digital outfit Sapient/Nitro. But how can you choose one or the other – they’re different beasts.

But BA is a baffling company when it comes to marketing.

***Advertising and lots of other businesses are converging. I read the other day in The Drum that Deloitte and Accenture had pitched for Renault/Nissan’s whopper digital account that went to LBi. They’re not gamekeepers turned poachers, they’re both. The cheek of it.

unnamed-6Anyway, DDB’s Tribal Worldwide (the digital bit that not so long ago was supposed to be rolled into the main agency) has hired Jonathan Lovatt-Young (left), whose last billet was digital customer experience ‘lead’ at Accenture as its first head of ‘service and ‘experience design.’ I won’t go into George Parker mode over this (no-one can match George for well-aimed invective) but what the hell does that mean?

It doesn’t sound like advertising – even digital advertising.

***Saatchi & Saatchi agencies around the world seem to be on a hot streak. Already today we’ve had a wonderful Down Syndrome Day ad from Saatchi Italy and now up pops Saatchi Denmark with this opus, ‘Slurp,’ inviting people to be quiet in the cinema.

All very clever of Coke of course. It could solve most of the problem by not selling cinema-goers bloody great buckets of the stuff.

Coke’s advertising for the past few years has been brilliant – even as the company has completely failed to adjust to a world where sweet, sticky drinks are going out of fashion. Ad agencies as advocates, of course.

But as the defending QC said to his client. set for a rest-of-life term: “I might have got you off but you keep killing people.”

Anyway, it’s a jolly good ad and surely testifies to the influence of newly-appointed Saatchi global creative supremo Pablo Del Campo. Pablo’s original agency in Buenos Aires has made a speciality out of these stunt-cum-mini documentaries.

Maybe Saatchi will land the prime creative role for Microsoft on behalf of (about-to-be-merged) owner Omnicom/Publicis.

***While writing this I missed a promised appearance by Taj Mahal on BBC4.

Was there ever a nicer tune than this? Goffin and King apparently.

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