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Crazy Domains’ Pamela Anderson ad is banned in the UK – is this a boob on the part of the ad censors?

There’s an Aussie company called Crazy Domains stepping cheerfully into the shoes of America’s Go Daddy by making the boring business of web domaining a bit more interesting by showing tits and ass, with an overlay of innuendo. Well that’s ...

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Durex claims world first for internet sex

Durex and Havas in Australia have produced what they claim is a ‘world first,’ Fundawear (underwear) which allows you to touch up your partner (or anyone else prepared to play) over the internet. So next time you see someone or ...

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George Patterson Y&R takes a tumble for Schweppes

There’s been a lot of famous advertising for fizzy mixer Schweppes (once owned by Britain’s Cadbury but now with different owners all over the world) and the Aussies have revived the old theme ‘Schweppervescence’ for this interesting take on (eventually) ...

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