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Samsung unveils new Apple basher Note + Gear

Ho hum, here’s another testament to the way mobiles are taking over our lives (or that’s what the equipment manufacturers want to happen anyway). This online film is from Samsung for its Note 3 (which seems to be a smartphone ...

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Post-Nokia Microsoft is in the last chance saloon – it needs a brilliant agency and even more brilliant ads

Much scratching of heads about Microsoft’s decision to fork out $7.2bn for Nokia’s phones business – it’s an obvious thing to do but they had that business already as the only profitable phone that Nokia is selling is the new ...

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Droga5 gets set for $500m Moto X ad bonanza

Google-owned Motorola has been unveiling its new Moto X smartphone with enticing details about a $500m ad budget. This rather pales in comparison to Samsung’s $4bn and Apple’s $1bn plus but Motorola’s $500m is for just one product. And the ...

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