Cookie Monster enters the lists for Apple as ‘adorable’ puppets take over the airwaves

I’m beginning to think that ad breaks have been taken over by little blue puppets. Here’s TBWA\Media Arts Labs’ latest effort for Apple’s hands-free Siri; nice enough especially when you’re up to your elbows in kitchen flour.

It’s the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street apparently.

That intelligence comes from Ad Age, which described it as ‘adorable.’ Think Adweek started this adorable nonsense and Campaign picked it up the other day, I think. C’mom chaps, critical faculties and all that.

Anyway here’s Cookie M.

Which seems to bear a remarkable resemblance to Wieden+Kennedy’s ‘Jackson’ in the ‘when Stuff Sucks’ campaign.

Who is, no doubt, just as, er, adorable..

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