HP bets on 180 LA for crucial rebranding campaign

Not so long ago HP (Hewlett-Packard as was) would have won lots of votes as the world’s best company. Then the Apple tsunami broke and the company has floundered since.

According, HP has now broken itself into two (well that’s what companies do when all else fails): HP Enterprise, which sells hardware and software for businesses (what IBM does) and HP Inc., which sells personal computers and printers.

Back in 1999 HP produced the ‘Invent’ tagline and that’s coming back in a new campaign, ‘Keep Reinventing,’ from 180 LA for HP Inc. (geddit?), the printers bit. Now trying to make people feel warm about a printer company (printing ink is supposed to be the world’s most ludicrously expensive liquid) is no mean task.

What to do? Send for a ridiculously yummy mummy of course, one starting a new job.

HP also uses BBDO and it’s quite a coup for 180 LA to get the job ahead of an agency famed for handling big corporates with issues, most notably GE.

But 180 gets there, it’s quite sweet really – against the odds.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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