BG’s Peter Henshaw takes the communications hot seat at BP

Timing is (also) all in the wacky world of corporate communications (see Morrisons story) and BG’s head of government affairs Peter Henshaw may demonstrate just that as he moves into the BP communications hot seat formerly occupied by unfortunate former ...

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‘Tax dodger’ George Osborne ads put UK papers in a spin

An anti-tax dodger group called 38 Degrees has raised enough money from somewhere to run a UK national newspaper campaign accusing coalition government chancellor George Osborne, who’s supposed to be cracking down on tax-dodging companies, of being one himself. It ...

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Procter & Gamble takes over from UK government as top 2010 ad spender

Procter & Gamble was the UK’s biggest ad spender in 2010 with £195m, a whopping increase on the £158m it spent in 2009 according to Nielsen figures for the Daily Telegraph. Next comes BSkyB on £168m, up from £151m and ...

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Buckingham Palace isn’t giving up – they still want us to call Kate Middleton (queen-to-be) Catherine

If it carries on like this they’ll be kicking the corgis next at that big house at London SW1A 1AA (there’s an address for you). Buckingham Palace spokespeople (Private Eye occasionally imagines one called Sir Alan Fitztightly) are still trying ...

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Vince Cable gaffe means it’s a clear run for News Corp in bid for BSkyB

European Commissioner Joaquin Almunia has comprehensively cleared News Corporation’s bid for UK pay-TV broadcaster BSkyB (we’d better start giving it its full moniker). This may or may not influence UK regulator Ofcom which is looking into ‘plurality’ issues. Almunia is ...

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