Sky Bet makes belated effort to fend off betting critics

Betting has become a national scandal in the UK, an even more potent way of making the poor poorer than government policy.

Some sort of crackdown is on the way, aimed particularly at betting machines in shops that empty your pockets at remarkable speed.

Sky has more to lose than most (as do some of its sports presenters freelancing) as it owns 20 per cent of Sky Bet and also trousers zillions from betting firm ads. If you watch football on Sky there are hardly any other ads.

So it’s trying to grab the initiative with this rather scruffy film, featuring Sports Saturday presenter Jeff Stelling in the middle distance, saying it’s putting the cautionary message – ‘when the fun stops, stop’ – ahead of Sky Bet ads.

Hmm. Think the horse has bolted Jeff. At an unlikely 10-1.

MAA creative scale: 1.

This is an updated version of earlier story.

One Comment

  1. Poor article. Sky don’t have any shops, so the FOBT issue is largely redundant here.

    Not sure what you are suggesting gambling operators do besides add cautionary messages? It’s the same as the alcohol industry with limitation messages. All online gambling sites allow you to set your deposit / loss limits etc, so it’s fairly well regulated.

    If you look at other industries such as sugar and junk food ads, they have no warnings, and specifically market to kids.

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